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Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome - Bringing in the New Year

If for some reason you’ve missed out on our 2017 live year ending event lead by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, do not be alarmed, you can find a video of the event posted below the contents of this article.

A bit of a recap of the event if you’ve happened to miss it…

An Introductory Song

To start things off, a spiritually uplifting song is sung with the mantra, “So we lift up our hand to praise your name”. This event beginning really touched the audience and got them truly spiritually involved and put a many of smiles on faces. To follow, Revenant, Dr. Chris Oyakhilome graces the stage with his holy presence putting the audience in a state of sheer excitement with exceedingly high hopes of the many spiritual messages that they are to witness from the devotion of the Pastor. “Come on give the Lord a shout! he says.”Glory”!

The crowd was in a state of unbelievable great zeal from seeing this spiritual leader excitingly grace the stage and interact. What an unbelievable history that this pastor has revealed over many spiritual hard-fought years and his strength is present to continue to spread the powerful word of God and religiously bring the people closer to the goodness of Christianity for the new year! Amen! The audience could not stop the excitement of the moment. It took an exceeding amount of time to get these people to calm down and have a sit, but in due time they all were in their seats ready to hear the incredible man of God speak, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Amen!

Our Daily Christian Devotional

As a ministry, over a glorious and prosperous year, we, with the leadership of our Lord and Savior, has managed to spread his word tremendously. Through our daily Christian devotional publication, Rhapsody of Realities, we were able to distribute over 1.3 billion copies in over 900 languages. Talk about a blessing! We are definitely doing the work of the lord by teaching, inspiring and bringing the world closer to him. We give all the glory and the praise to Christ Almighty!

Loveword Impact and Networks

In this event, a feature of the mentioning of Loveword Impact and networks rang a bell throughout the audience. The recognition of the interest of the audience in our yearly work habits of spreading God’s message was a very touching experience. Through TV, radio and internet, we continuously strive to deliver the sinful from evil to a refuge with the Lord and these people were very appreciative. Amen!

The Inner-City Mission

In addition to this incredulous event, a special focus on the lives of the children of our communities were positively mentioned. Healing the many lost, but precious souls through instilling hope through our Healing School has always been important to us and through this school we have and continue to strive to touch millions of the inner-city youth to bring them up with a fear of God. All ministers of our Healing School program have been trained through the International School of Ministry (ISM).

This year has been an amazingly blessed one. And, with the continuous support of our Lord and Savior, we are confident that we’ll start the new year off with a bang! continuously spreading the word of God through TV, radio, internet and live events and more.

What a Blessed Time

The devotion of the spirit of God has graced this event with complete certainty! Thousands of blessed participants absolutely loved the beautiful sound of spiritual progression. We are extremely blessed to have such a devoted following.

After the introduction of the event concluded, another spiritual uplifting song was sung, the Believer’s Loveworld Incorporation (BLW) anthem and a beautiful and touching affect it had on the audience. Very, very lovely to witness.

Future African Leaders

After the blessings of the BLW anthem, the Future African Leaders (FALA) awards were presented. These awards are recognized as an appreciation for the outstanding work that the youth has done over the course of the year to help change the communities for the goodness of the Lord. Noami Ekpoki was the star prize winner of this year! Congratulations to this unbelievable and God fearing girl with such an incredible heart and spirit. We are expecting to witness more community changing actions on her part for the upcoming year.

Special performances by Martin PK and Sinach

After the awards, Martin Pk graces the stage with his single, “Beautiful Jesus” and wins song of the year.

Afterwards, Sinach sings a beautiful song in which leads to onstage appearances by BLW community and Christ Embassy’s pastors to join her in fellowship. What a beautiful sight witnessed during this moment.

The End

The event concluded with an uplifting message by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Amen!

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